How Dani Beckerman Used Instagram to Build a Thriving Dessert Business from Scratch

“When did you realize that Instagram could be your store?”

That’s one of the questions host Matt Rubel asked Dani Beckerman when they sat down to talk about the business Beckerman unwittingly launched nearly six years ago with a single Instagram post.

Beckerman was in culinary school at the time, and often experimented in her kitchen at home, creating pretty, layered desserts in glass jars. She’d give them away to friends and share them at parties. When she first posted a photo of one of her jars on Instagram, she “instantaneously…had people reaching out to purchase them.”

Inspired, she launched Jars by Dani, her specialty dessert company. Since that first Instagram post, she’s used social media strategically to quickly grow her business. She’s already moved into her second commercial kitchen space, having outgrown the first. And her jars have been sold at Bloomingdale’s and Dylan’s Candy Bar and featured at dozens of events, including the iHeart Radio Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden.

To hear how Beckerman has used Instagram to drive sales, identify her core customer, cultivate brand ambassadors and even find the right talent, listen to the full episode.