How to Build a Brand with Social Good in Its DNA

Weaving social good into your brand’s DNA is no longer optional—it’s expected. In fact, 89% of Gen Zers would rather buy from a company that is addressing social or environmental issues than from one that is not, and 92% say they would switch to a brand associated with a good cause.

Bombas, a sock company that has had social good built into its DNA from conception, is an example of a brand that has authentically embraced giving back and one that engages consumers in its mission. The brand ensures that every pair of its donated product gets into the hands of someone who truly needs it by partnering with Delivering Good, a nonprofit that unites retail companies and foundations to distribute new merchandise to families impacted by homelessness, long-term poverty and disasters like hurricanes.

In anticipation of Delivering Good’s Annual Gala this November, the organization’s President and CEO, Lisa Gurwitch, sat down with Kelly Cobb, Vice President of Community and Giving at Bombas, to talk to host Matt Rubel about their partnership and the need for companies to do good.

Brands looking to weave social good into their DNA must:

Let customers know the company is giving back. Gen Z consumers are especially eager to align with brands that reflect their own values. Companies should ensure they are publicizing their social good efforts and clearly communicating their efforts to customers.

Know where and how the brand is making an impact. Delivering Good is a 34-year-old organization with partners in every state. It has the network, logistics infrastructure and vetting capability to get donated new clothing and home goods to the people who need them in communities across the nation. Cobb says Bombas chose to work with Delivering Good because “when you’re sending out millions of pairs of socks, it feels important to ensure that they truly are ending up in the hands of those that need them the most.”

Recognize the value to employee morale and company culture. Brands that do well by doing good not only help people outside the company, but also their own teams, as many employees feel more motivated in their jobs because they know that they’re helping others. Bombas has reached a milestone 25 million pairs of socks sold and donated, but the company’s mission goes well beyond donations, with employees participating in 8–10 volunteer opportunities each month.

For more ideas on how to do well by doing good, listen to the full episode.