Revlon and The Power of Beauty: Authenticity In the Age of TikTok

The beauty industry has become one of the retail world’s biggest success stories of the past two years. Beauty continues to empower with its transformational abilities while remaining a multi-billion-dollar industry. The evolution of the business makes it one of the most dynamic and fast paced in the business world today. With indie and celebrity brands proliferating and wellness becoming front and center, Big Beauty is no longer just about selling the hottest lipstick color of the season.

In this episode, Matt Rubel interviews Debbie Perelman, President and CEO of Revlon—the first woman to lead this iconic brand in its 89-year history. Debbie is leading Revlon’s profound transformation while driving diversity, sustainability, and speed to market. Matt and Debbie talk about authenticity, digital transformation, mental health—and the evocative power of a particular pink lipstick.