Tariffs and trade are the hottest topic in retail right now.

At retail’s biggest annual event, the National Retail Federation NRF Big Show 2019, NRF President and CEO, Matthew Shay and SW Retail Advisors Founder, Stacey Widlitz sat down with global Chairman and investor, Matthew Rubel to get the inside scoop on these complicated and timely topics. The participants shared their insights on how tariffs may impact consumers, manufacturing, prices, competition, and the overall economy. Shay and Widlitz shared real time perspectives on what US retailers and consumers can expect from tariffs and trade, in real terms.

Highlights from this episode:

  • Consumer Impact of Tariffs – #1 Retail Influencer, Matthew Shay explains in real terms what a tariff is and how it impacts the retail industry and the consumer.
  • Retail Industry Impact of Tariffs – Shay and retail influencer, Widlitz, share their insights on the economic impact of tariffs, including the costs of doing business which involves the entire supply chain – labor, manufacturing, and sourcing.
  • Pricing Impact of Tariffs – Participants offer predictions on the economic impact of tariffs on consumer prices.
  • Competitive Impact of Tariffs – Participants talk “competition” and agreements in today’s trade environment – and touch upon, bilateral vs. unilateral agreements, intellectual property, and doing business in China.